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Living in Marystown


Learning English

Adult Basic Education is available through Keyin College and College of the North Atlantic.

English as a Second Language – Association For New Canadians

Health Care

Burin Peninsula Healthcare facility is located in Burin, NL that is only 10km from Marystown:

The Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre is a modern 42-bed facility. This acute care facility offers a variety of services including internal medicine, family practice, psychiatry, general surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology and palliative care. A fully functional laboratory and diagnostic imaging department supports the services offered. Also offers rehabilitation services including speech pathology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and respiratory therapy. The facility hosts a number of clinics from the provinces tertiary care referral centre including, but not limited to, ophthalmology, cardiology, nephrology, peri-natal and child development.

Contact Kim Green, Manager of Acute care
Phone 709-891-3490, 709-891-3376
Fax 709-891-3375

Marystown has several physicians to assist the population in all their health care needs.

In addition to these Medical clinics there are Dental, Chiropractor, Physiotherapy, Message Therapy, and Optometry services available in the area.


Marystown and surrounding area is home to four public schools, Marystown Central High School, Sacred Heart Academy, Pearce Junior High, and Donald C.Jamieson Academy.

Post secondary institutions include two public trade-colleges - College of the North Atlantic and Keyin College. Other training sites are available throughout NL.  For more information on training sites contact Department of Education, Newfoundland and Labrador.  Marystown's public schools are serviced under the Eastern School District of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Housing ranges from 80,000 to $250,000, rental properties are available at an average of $500 per month. Depending on the size of the rental property the average cost of utilities would range from $500 per month to as high as $1,200. You can find a rental property through the Southern Gazette, which is the local newspaper that covers the entire Burin Peninsula.


Supermarkets in the Marystown area include No Frills and Sobeys with a variety of small convenience stores. With a wide selection of restaurants Marystown is the central location for dining on the Burin Peninsula. Whether you are looking for well-known fast food or a quiet dining experience, Marystown offers a wide variety of tastes.

McDonalds Mary Browns
Tim Horton's Kentucky Fried Chicken
Pizza Delight Subway
PJ Billingtons Lucky 7
Robins Donuts/241 Pizza Wong's Restaurant


While the town contains a diverse mixture of churches of varying denominations, the largest of the town is Christian. The information presented here is from a 2001 census from Statistics Canada

Sacred Heart Parish
Established in 1910, the original edifice, constructed in the early 1900s had to be reconstructed in the mid 1980s due to a fire. In more recent years, the church has received much attention from the news when a family of illegal immigrants from Israel resided there as a place of sanctuary. The Portnoy family stayed in the church's basement for a total of 962 days while seeking citizenship status.

Calvary Pentecost Church
Establishment of the church began in 1956. It was not until 1958 that the first Pentecost church in Marystown was officially completed. Since then there have been three Pentecost churches erected in the Marystown area: the original edifice in 1958, the second in 1974, and the current church that was built in 1995.

Seventh-Day Adventist Church
It wasn't until the 1970s that the Seventh Day Adventists established a significant population in Marystown. The construction of the first church began in 1985 along with a Seventh-Day school. Though the construction was completed much earlier, 1987 demarks the official church opening.

Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom


Multiple banking services are available to citizens and visitors alike in Marystown. Here is a list of Banking Centres to serve you:

Bank of Nova Scotia,  Bank of Montreal,   TD Bank,  Credit Union


Childcare Facilities in Marystown:

Explore and Discover Preschool, New Beginnings Daycare

Telephones and Communications

The major providers of LAN and Cell telephone service are Bell Aliant and Telus. There is cell phone service throughout the entire Peninsula. High Speed Internet service too is available throughout the Marystown region.

East Link is the major Internet Provider in the area.


With endless outlets to express support or participate in active groups and clubs, sport enthusiasts can enjoy many types of recreation including softball, soccer, swimming, track and field, and hockey. Marystown is a very active community who promotes recreation and healthy living through community groups and activities.

Marystown has many attractions for both residents and visitors...

 - Seasonal Swimming Pool (Ville Marie Swimming Pool)
 - Professional Track and Field Complex (Home of the Mariners Athletics Club {MAC})
Two Softball Diamonds: The Kinsmen Field and The Lions Field
 - Soccer Pitch (Home to the 2004 Challenge Cup Champions "Marystown United")
Ice Rink / Live Entertainment Complex
Several Scenic Walking Trails
Summer Recreation and Activity Programs for Children
Ice Hockey
Figure Skating
Tennis Courts
Golf course within 20 kms
Hiking and Nature walk trails
Cross Country skiing, Ice Fishing, and snowmobile trails are available throughout the surrounding area during Winter Months.


Travel and Transportation

The main means of transportation in Marystown is car or taxi. Taxi cost includes sit-in fee   and charges from your location and your destination.  It is relatively inexpensive compared to larger centres.

There are also Taxi services to and from Marystown to other parts of the province including daily routes to St. John’s.

Driving Distance Chart (approximate):
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Just click the link above and pick your destination for a detailed description and informative driving instructions.


Airline Services

Air Canada Air Labrador Cargo
Air Labrador Air Canada Cargo
Air Transat  Provincial Airlines Charter Service
Provincial Airlines Continental Airlines
Sky Service  Air Saint-Pierre
WestJet Porter Airlines

Other Links

Gander Airport (CYQX) Stephenville Airport (YJT)
St. John’s Airport (YYT/CYYT) St. Anthony (YAY)
Deer Lake Airport (YDF)  

Ferry Services

Bus Services

Marine Atlantic DRL Bus Lines