What's New

  • Message from Burin Peninsula Waste Management
    Change in Waste Collection for Christmas DayDue to the Boxing Day Holiday on Tuesday December 26, 2017, the Waste ... (more)
  • Theft of Street Signs Can Endanger Lives!
    At first glance, the theft of a street sign for a dorm room or switching them around as a prank might not seem like a big ... (more)
  • Water Shut-off, Greenwood Street, November 29, 2017
    Residents of the Greenwood Street area are advised that the water will be shut off tomorrow, November 29th, at ... (more)
  • Water Shut-off, Greenwood Street West, Tuesday, November 28, 2017
    Residents are advised that there will be a water shut-off tomorrow morning, Tuesday, November 28th, around 7:30 a.m. / 8:00 ... (more)
  • Bulk Garbage Collection
    The Burin Peninsula Regional Service Board would like to remind residents that there will be NO Bulk Garbage Collection ... (more)
  • Rodent Poison
    Residents are advised to use caution when placing rodent poison around their properties due to the recent deaths of two ... (more)

Polling Stations and Divisions


Polling Division

Street Name

Polling Division

Street Name

Polling Division

Street Name


Bertha's Place

Greenwood Street

Greenwood Street West

Voting at Salvation Army Citadel


Mount Vincent Crescent

Voting at St. Gabriel's Hall



Stapleton's Road

Barry's Lane

Baker's Cove Road

Baker Place

Columbia Drive

Queen Street

McGettigan Boulevard (nos. 2-168)

McGettigan Boulevard (nos. 1-223)

School Road

Ville Marie Drive (nos. 2-364)

Ville Marie Drive (nos. 7-373)

Voting at St. Gabriel's Hall


Canning Road

Mayo's Road

Levi's Road

Janie's Place

Silver Maple Court

Rebecca's Road

Farewell's Road

Doucet Place

Brake's Place

Kimberly Place

Charlotte Avenue

Voting at Salvation Army Citadel


Reid Crescent

Isabella Street

Victor Pidgeon's Road

Dunphy's Road

Pidgeon's Road

Marine Drive (nos. 124-264)

Marine Drive (nos. 123-247)

Voting at St. Gabriel's Hall


Argyle Street

Smith's Road

Lambe's Road

Dober's Lane

Coady's Meadow

Baird Place

Memorial Drive

Ducey's Lane

Ducey's Trailer Park

Butler's Road

Bayview Street

Voting at St. Gabriel's Hall


Chislett's Road

Dinah's Road

Legge's Road

Dowden Place

Crocker's Point Road

Crocker's Crescent

Crocker's Road

Hollett's Place

Hollett's Road

Markland Road

Creston Boulevard (nos. 344-424)

Creston Boulevard (nos. 393-681A)

Voting at Salvation Army Citadel


Murphy's Hill

Peter Murphy's Road

Murphy's Road

Kilfoy's Road

Catherine Street

Dober's Road

Kelly's Pond Road

Marine Drive (nos. 266-350)

Marine Drive (nos. 249-331)

Voting at Little Bay Heritage Centre


Flemming Place

Atlantic Crescent

Brenton Place

Smallwood Crescent

St. Mary's Road

Harris Drive (nos. 2-124)

Harris Drive (nos. 45-115)

Voting at St. Gabriel's Hall


Barter's Place

Dodge's Road

Wiscombe's Road

Elizabeth Street

Gifford's Road

Sea Bonnie Place

Cleal's Road

Birchy Island Road

Dunford Place

Rogers Place

Creston Boulevard (nos. 136-342)

Creston Boulevard (nos. 155-391)

Voting at Salvation Army Citadel


Main Street

Walsh's Road

Hillview Heights

Hillview Road

Rennie's Road

Farrell's Road

Fitzpatrick's Lane

(Leo) Power's Road

Voting at Little Bay Heritage Centre


Centennial Road

Thompson Street

Wilson Street

Harris Drive (nos. 1-41)

Harris Drive Extension

Forest Road

Voting at St. Gabriel's Hall


Stacey's Road

Tolt Road

Gover's Road

Clarke's Road

Cheeke's Road

Reddy's Road

Water Street West

Creston Boulevard (nos. 2-134)

Creston Boulevard (nos. 1-153)

Voting at St. Gabriel's Hall


Mayo's Lane

Northwest Road

Bill Hodder's Road

Bridget Place

Spruce Place

Isaac's Point Street

Dock Point Street

King's Road

Rogers Road

Church Road

Spruce Hill Road

Ville Marie Drive (nos. 584-958)

Ville Marie Drive (nos. 581-985)

Voting at Heritage Baptist Church


Atlantic Street

Nolan's Road

Mooring Cove Road

Power's Road

McGettigan Boulevard (nos. 370-782)

McGettigan Boulevard (nos. 727-783)

Voting at Summer Games Building


Bellaventure Heights

Molloy's Lane

Water Street East

Old Mill Road

Kelly's Road

William Drake's Road

Marine Drive (nos. 2-122)

Marine Drive (nos. 7-35)

Voting at St. Gabriel's Hall


Basin Crescent

Brake's Subdivision

Cyril Drake's Road

Drake's Road

Maryanne Place

Mitchell's Road North

Mitchell's Road South

Harbourview Drive

Ville Marie Drive (nos. 366-582A)

Ville Marie Drive (nos. 375-579)

Voting at St. Gabriel's Hall



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